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  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Prescription Plans


Helping You Make Informed Decisions

Let me help you understand the differences and find the right plan for you. My goal is to help protect your health and finances, by choosing the plan that is right for you. I can meet with you by phone, online, or in person following current COVID-19 guidelines.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are managed by private insurance companies and may have dental, vision, and hearing as well as other additional benefits.

Medicare Part D Drug Plans

Medicare Part D drug plans help you with the costs of prescription drugs.

Dental & Vision

Dental and Vision offers coverage with broad networks. These can be used to supplement other plans and offer increased benefits.

Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements are offered by private insurance companies that offer benefits to fill gaps in Original Medicare coverage.

Special Needs Plans

Special Needs Plans are a type of Medicare Advantage plan that limits enrollment to Medicare beneficiaries who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Under 65

Individual health plans for those under 65 with a wide range of choices.

What Makes We Know Medicare Different? 

James Bond is part of We Know Medicare, an Insurance Brokerage with highly qualified professionals who are trained and certified to represent Medicare health care products. I am committed to your satisfaction and will always serve you in a professional and ethical manner. Changes to Medicare plans occur every year, and I will review those changes to help you maintain your healthcare needs while watching out for your pocketbook.

Not knowing or understanding your benefits could burden you with extra cost when you need them. Let me help you understand the differences and find the right plan for you. My goal is to help protect your health and finances by choosing the right plan. Please feel free to request a consultation or to contact me by phone.

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Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

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